Get rid of pain, without hassle or medicine

Geordoly’ssolutions fix the root cause of your discomfort by naturally Eliminating congestion & the symptoms of your sick baby.





Geordoly aspirator

Naturally eliminate congestion & RSV symptoms, with a safer & a more convenient way.





Touchless thermometer

Say goodbye to older manual methods that can’t even track your baby’s temp well… there is a more accurate & convenient way!





Baby nail cutter

other manual methods like traditional nail clippers isn’t made for babies! and can even harm them. Try the safest way to cut your baby’s nails.


Weekly FAQ

Yes, we ship all over the world. free shipping will be applied to the USA, UK, CA, & AU.

Yes! it comes with 6 month insurance.

It comes with 3 different heads to fit any nose!

You can contact us through our contact page or through [email protected]! We will be happy to assist you.